Terms & Conditions

Before booking your car ensure these points to ensure every terms and condition. These points are very important, these reflect directly on your ride.

One day means, one calendar day. If you travel more than one day OR exceeding the limit after 12’o clock at night, you will be extra by the same package.

If you are going to travel outstation, you got a limit of 300 km. After exceeding this 300 km limit you should be extra charged by extra money per km.

If you are traveling at night above 12 nights you will be charged by extra driver allowance (Driver allowance should depend upon the vehicle you are taking).

Parking and tollgate payment is excluded from the fare, this should be payable by the customer.

Extra Charges will be charged on extra hours, extra km of travelling.

Extra government taxes will be charged as usual. (GST)

If any disputes happen is subject to the Indian Judiciary. Please make sure to maintain discipline in the journey.

Cancellations Policy

Here are the points you have to ensure before cancelling your ride.

In case of canceling your ride, you have to call us on 9920955923. Say us about your cancellation we will cancel your ride.

You have to call us under 24 hours before cancellation of your ride otherwise you will be if the car arrives.

The charges depend upon how much distance the car travelled.